As comfort is a big issue when wearing a mask, many people have turned to ear savers to help with the irritation of ear loops. And while my idea is not so much of a DIY one, but of repurposing an existing item to be used as an ear saver: a bra strap from a strapless bra. Before you start laughing, just think about it a little bit – bra straps have small hooks, conform to your head, are slightly stretchy, adjustable and can be washed. The idea popped in my head from a headband that I own that is designed like a bra strap.

And while a standard black or white bra comes with matching colored straps, you can always look to get something a little more colorful.I bought these on Amazon* for $8.99 for 5 pairs (total 10 straps). They are a little less obvious as bra straps because they’re wider and can be adjusted down to a length of about 7 inches.

These come in a variety of solid colors for $14.99 for 10 pairs (total 20 straps).

There are also clear bra straps for $7.50 for a pair (total 2 straps).

So whether it’s using a strap that you already own, or getting some fancy new straps, here’s to more comfortable ears!


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